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A store, just like an actual shop, needs to build a strong  brand identity  and to communicate in this competitive and ever-changing web-based market.

What drives the purchase is, very often, the value that goes beyond the price. It is therefore essential to provide the consumer with the correct perception of "why" we are selling "that" particular product.


The identity of our e-commerce business lies not in what we communicate but what others say about it


To adapt to the internet, targeted advertising campaigns need to be developed as well as complete and timely statistical analyses to better respond to Customer's requests and to the market's responses.

Our brand needs to be recognised, and advertising becomes the preferred channel for the spreading awareness of the brand and its products.

Creating a good e-commerce identity, though, is not enough. What really needs to be pursued is a longer term view.

Optimizing the web page code so that search engines may read it more easily is a practice to be adopted together along with other SEO tactics, such as writing articles with good keywords, trying to receive links from related sites and managing a blog associated with the e-commerce.

Finally, trends need to be analysed. It is important to understand which are the best selling products, which research gives the best results and how the communication plan is going.

Only through a careful measurement of the return on investments can the budget be directed towards the most profitable channels.

The four essential tools

Web Marketing strategy


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