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  1. Error Reporter Mail Notifier magento extension

    Error Reporter Mail Notifier

    Error Reporter Mail Notifier  is a module designed to enhance the Magento error management system.
    The installation of this module will generate an email to the administrator for reporting php errors that occur inside the platform.
    Complement Magento’s error management system with Error Reporter Mail Notifier to ensure constant updates and efficient store management!

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  2. Italian Regions Magento extension

    Italian Provinces

    Italian Provinces, the solution of the Italian stores to customize the shipping costs.
    The module is designed to provide the user who registers on a shop, a complete list of Italian provinces.
    The module is revealed therefore also extremely useful in the management and configuration of the shipping costs for those stores that have the need to differentiate costs in the different provinces.
    Choose the extension of Italian Provinces to customize your Magento and manage with more elasticity your shipping costs!

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  3. Product Images Lightbox  magento extension

    Products Images Lightbox

    Products Images Lightbox  is a stylish solution to pop-up  intrusion, for the display of your  store images.
    Pop-ups are somewhat unpleasant and intrusive; several browsers give users the option of disabling them, and yet Magento continues to use them for image display.
    Products Images Lightbox  replaces pop-ups with the more modern, functional lightbox approach.
    Products Images Lightbox to display a pleasant gallery of your products.

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  4. Magmi express magento extension

    Magmi Express

    Magmi Express is the ideal extension to import your catalogue on the Magento platform in a few easy steps.
    It will no longer be necessary for the database to interact with Magento or to manually enter all products one by one: with the Magmi Express module a catalogue can be created very quickly.
    This extension makes the popular Magento Mass Importer
    easier to use.
    In addition to that, it  implements its functionality.
    Choose Magmi Express to transfer the catalogue on your store in just a few clicks!

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  5. Advanced Price Roundings magento extension

    Advanced Price Roundings

    Advanced Price Roundings is the module designed to enable better price rounding management.
    Magento uses a standardized method which allows handling of only two decimals.  
    This extensions enables the store manager to customize criteria and  to show a different  number of decimals in the various calculation processes (calculation of shopping cart price, subtotal, total, etc.)  as needed.
    Customize your calculation method with Advanced Price Roundings !

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  6. Wysiwyg Everywhere magento extension

    Wysiwyg Everywhere

    The Wysiwyg Everywhere module is an efficient solution for simpler management of platform contents .
    This extension enables the use of the Wysiwyg  (What You See Is What You Get) editor in the management of products, of commercial emails and in any situation where text contents need to be edited.
    The Wysiwyg editor makes the user’s experience much more pleasant because it simplifies content entry.
    Wysiwyg Everywhere is the solution  that allows faster entry and editing of contents for administrators.

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  7. Automatic Domain Store Switch

    Automatic Domain Store Switch

    The Domain Store Switch module simplifies the redirection  to the right store.
    This extension enables you to surf directly to a particular store based on the current request domain/path.
    The module will automatically switch to one or more country stores according to the configuration you set.
    Domain Store Switch is the solution that brings the user automatically to the final store, making this procedure faster.

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  8. Calendar Booking products magento extension

    Calendar Booking Products

    Calendar Booking Products is the efficient answer for a precise and functional management of services and products that can be booked online, such as hotel rooms, sports fields or equipment, motor vehicle hiring and generally all e-commerce features whose availability depends on the calendar.

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  9. Fast Admin

    Fast Admin

    Fast Admin is the solution for speeding up the platform’s administration activity. The extension is based on the deactivation of requests automatically sent from Magento’s backend that slow down its loading.

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  10. Billing module magento extension

    Italian tax management

    Italian tax management is the ideal tool for collecting essential data for the Italian tax management.
    The configuration of different stores
    has allowed us to address the topic taxation, privacy, and everything related to the implementation of an e-commerce  in the Italian territory.
    The module is therefore a valuable ally in the collection of important information for billing purposes.
    The efficiency of the module consists therefore in the expansion of the requested information to the user: Customer type, Fiscal Code, Company Name, VAT Code.
    The module also refines the section on the management of texts Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.
    With this module you will know seamlessly handle all aspects of taxation Italian!

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Magento, the open source platform, lplatform reduces some of the development costs, and is a constantly evolving, reliable tool.
This may sometimes not be enough to achieve your goals.
The need to customize, optimize times, and the desire to improve the platform are the stimuli for developing dedicated components and modules.
This involves the ability to fully analyse the objectives to be achieved, in-depth knowledge of the Magento platform as well as the resources needed to implement them.
Embrace the customers' requirements, responding to their needs in a personal way is our internal policy at Ecommerce Grow, as well as the incentive to the further develop our skills.

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