The mission of Ecommerce Grow

Create sites that sell

The increase in sales of online sales, leaves no doubt: the ecommerce sector is constantly growing as evidenced by the trend, which for some years reported in the national and international data extremely encouraging.

In particular:

  •     In some European countries e-commerce affects 10% on retail sales.
  •     In Italy, about 13 million users use the web to decide on purchases.
  •     In the B2B segment more and more companies select their suppliers on the web and then buy products and services for professional use.

Analysis, strategy, implementation, verification:

The method of Ecommerce Grow

A project of e-commerce to take off,  needs of guidelines to follow to ensure that the online sales process to be effective. The prerogative to Grow Ecommerce is never left alone.

First step, to obtain a successful stores, is the analysis of the scenario.

This step is necessary to understand the real business needs in order to guide investment to achieve the identified objectives.
The study of the target audience, the comparison with the actions of competitors or similar business models, market situation and business flows, are the activities that determine the proper context from which to begin to plan an effective communication strategy.

Analysis of target

It consists of an analysis of the behavior of potential customers and before any activity. The web provides measurable dynamics, this allows you to configure an offer as closely as possible to the question, which is why the analysis reveals the essential tool to start.

Analysis of Competitors

It consists of a study of competitors in order to place in the best way their online offering in size price / quality. At this stage the questions to ask regarding the strategies adopted by competitors, prices, terms of sale and the communication strategies.

After the analysis, it follows the development of a strategy in line with the objective of positioning of the project: this includes the development of a custom design.
At this stage graphics professionals develop solutions aimed to define the visual identity of the project.

The whole is supported by the use of cutting edge technology, which allows the integration of the site with business functions and with management software.Our objective is the implementation and customization of open source platform Magento.

This is finalized with a complete  marketing activity to enhance the brand and the products, ensuring good positioning of the site. At the same time, Ecommerce Grow offers training so that the client is able to independently manage their own online store.

The team of Ecommerce Grow provides you with expertise and professionalism to guide you in developing your business on the web!

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