About us

Ecommerce Grow

Ecommerce Grow
, is a division of  Aicod, (Agency for Digital Information and Communication), set up to efficiently offer creative ideas and new solutions in an ever-growing on-line sales market.

Ecommerce Grow Team

Our team is made up of technical experts in Magento, electronic commerce and web marketing, web designers and editors who are all highly qualified and whose skills complement the customer's requirements in a dynamic of close cooperation.

We follow the customer at every step, by integrating skills, experience and passion in the search for solutions that can give life to high added value projects.

We expand and constantly update our expertise, making it available to those who wish to grasp the challenge of the web for ecommerce - the new, and constantly growing, sales channel.

 Ecommerce Grow offers itself as a trusted partner able to analyse your project and suggest the best solution to achieve your goals.

E-commerce Consultancy

Our mission is to provide strategic advice for the development of e-commerce projects for both B2B businesses and B2C to the end consumer.

Planning a good e-commerce business is the first step towards a successful website.

The consultancy provides a detailed analysis of the scenario on which to build your own strategy.

Our work does not end here - we provide support at all stages of the project from initial analysis of the scenario to optimizing for search engines and development of on-line advertising campaigns

A seven-point services

Advice in building on-line shops: from the first step to market positioning.

Graphics, photos and videos to totally customize the sites.

Market Analysis for choosing the best brand communication strategy.

In-depth knowledge of the communication channels to reach the chosen target.

Constant monitoring of data to check the effectiveness of the strategy.

 Marketing Consultancy to increase the visibility of the site and also to increase sales.

 Development of new tools to achieve maximum efficiency in the services offered.

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